For over a million years, humans have been discovering ways to use tools to build shelter for themselves and working together to build temples, cities, and gathering places.

Today we have a plethora of new technology that helps us accomplish these great feats and build buildings that last. No one will be lugging bricks up mountains anymore.  Here, we will learn about the story of some of the greatest architectural and engineering feats in our past.

Great Moments in Construction History – The Pentagon

Today being President’s Day, we thought it only fitting to take a quick look at the construction of an important piece of American History – the Pentagon.

Great Moments in Construction History: The Empire State Building

Ahh … the Empire State Building.  Symbol of NYC, of ingenuity, of giant monkey’s who capture young girls and swat airplanes.  Once the tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building has a storied past and an exciting construction…

Great Moments in Construction History: The Pyramids

The year was 2630 B.C. and while it would make sense for our story, the B.C. does NOT stand for before computers.  We would have to wait a few thousand more years before that modern miracle to arrive.  The place…