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Great Moments in Construction History: The Pyramids

The year was 2630 B.C. and while it would make sense for our story, the B.C. does NOT stand for before computers.  We would have to wait a few thousand more years before that modern miracle to arrive.  The place was Saqqara, Egypt. The ruler on the throne was King Djoser.  Back in those days, when a King took the throne, the building of his tomb was to begin almost immediately. Talk about working yourself to death! Therefore, unlike our expedited turnaround times today, our ancient construction ancestors would take 20 – 3o years to construct a building.  This was 20 – 30 years with no safety plan, no technological help, no customer management software, and no modern construction luxury’s.  So, how did they do it!?  How did they build such a massive structure that withstood the sands of time?

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