Our employees are the heart of all that we do at Bowman Constructors.  You can’t build a building without a skilled and trustworthy team.

In honor of our amazing workforce, we will be featuring an employee, each month, and getting to know a little bit more about how they tick.  What got them into the industry? What types of things do they enjoy when not on a job site? Welcome to our Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Brandon Chasse

Meet Brandon Chasse.  Brandon is our newest employee and a recent graduate of the University of Maine in the Construction Engineering Technology program.

Employee Spotlight – Cody Caron

Meet Cody.  Cody is one of our dedicated skilled team members

Employee Spotlight – Wilson King

Meet Wilson.  Wilson recently came back to the Bowman team after a few years living out of state.

Employee Spotlight – Newell Graf

Meet Newell.  Newell’s biggest asset is his personality and he is cool, calm, and collected in the face of a challenge.

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