At Bowman Constructors, we know a thing or two about building communities. We’ve been at it for over three decades.

Here you will find stories about some common challenges we have faced throughout our decades of experience building throughout the state of Maine.  We are proud of our solutions to these challenges and hope that this will be inspiration for you in facing your own struggles.

Construction Through the Pandemic – Bowman Solutions

On May 18th, Bowman Constructors joined The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, Haley Ward Inc., and S.W. Cole Engineering to discuss the construction industry. 

Navigating the Challenge of Supply – Bowman Solutions

Recently, supply chain issues were in the headlines with the challenging Suez Canal backup. With just one ship (The Ever Given) stuck on the canal, it backed up supply lines and cost billions of dollars, per day, in delays. While…

Phased Scheduling – Bowman Solutions

It is no secret that the construction world can often be fraught with challenges. We have encountered conundrums ranging from scheduling to lack of workforce, from unique landscapes to occupied spaces. In order to be Maine’s most client-valued construction company,…