A man working on a construction scheduleIt is no secret that the construction world can often be fraught with challenges. We have encountered conundrums ranging from scheduling to lack of workforce, from unique landscapes to occupied spaces.

In order to be Maine’s most client-valued construction company, it is imperative that we find solutions that not only answer the challenge but help to strengthen our working relationships.

Oceanside High SchoolThe first challenge we will discuss is that of schedule.  For this, we will take a look at the Oceanside High School & Middle School Project.

Bowman Constructors was awarded the project in March of 2018 for the students to occupy in the Spring of 2019. Obviously, this was a significant turn-around time for the scope of work needed

We opted to implement a 5 phased plan for this project.

Oceanside High School Cafeteria

The first phase consisted of the addition/renovation of the middle school classrooms, cafeteria, and kitchen – during an occupied school year.

Phases 2 – 5 took place at the high school and included a new entrance addition, cafeteria addition, and state-of-the-art kitchen. The male, female, and team locker rooms were fully renovated as were the administrative offices.

Finally, substantial site work is being performed to tie everything together and finish off a great project.

Between creative scheduling of busy subcontractors, a customer management system that drastically expedites approvals, and Superintendents/Project Managers experienced in solutions, we were able to tackle the hurdle of a tight schedule – head-on.

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