Portfolio Commercial Bingham Wind Power Project - Operations & Maintenance Building

Type of Build: New Construction/Subcontractor to Reed & Reed
Location: Bingham, ME
Owner: Blue Sky West, LLC
Architect/Engineer: G.L. Frost
Contract Amount: $972,000
Completion Date: November 2016
Project Scope: The Building is used for storage and maintenance of wind equipment as well as the office based operations necessary to ensure the on-going production of a wind farm. It contains two spaces; the first being industrial grade maintenance bays including secure spare parts storage areas, the second being the office area containing administrative offices and supporting rooms. The building is occupied by a variety of personnel for maintenance and administration, including vendors and other visitors. The building footprint is approximately 6,000 sf total. To the greatest extent possible, Bowman utilized local building suppliers, contractors, materials and supplies as well as green methodologies and approaches to building design and construction and high-efficiency and/or Energy Star rated equipment and building practices.

I worked with Bowman Constructors over the last several months while they built the Operations and Maintenance Building for the Bingham Wind Farm in Bingham, Maine. I would like to express how impressed I am with their professionalism, the organization of the site during construction and their safety awareness. I would not hesitate to recommend Bowman Constructors for other work. Their attention for detail and the end result made working with Bowman a pleasure. - Avery Blanton, Construction Manager - Reed & Reed

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